A site from a very good friend of me ,who makes box-sculptures.
Interiors in miniature ,His boxes have an atmosphere of the past, theatrical crumbling elegance with a strong ‘dust and spider’ trend.
Just see and enjoy.
Site of the dutch fotographica collectors club  The site of  where you can find almost everything about subminiature camera’s ,accessories and price’s .With lots of photo’s and text .for me the best site on subminiature camera’s Everything over Mycro camera’s lot’s of detail’s. Een boeiend museum van een goede vriend van me ,met een afdeling met heel veel fotografica ,en boven een afdeling met alles over radio’s ,kortom een middag is zo om.
John Wade . Collector , past editor of theUKphotographic magazine Photographica ,
Book writer of a half a  dozen books on collectable cameras . and numerous magazine articles on camera collecting.
See his site for more information about his books and other interesting links .

One of Australia’s largest private camera collections.
From a simple camera to a top piece of inovation and technique For every collector there is a camera inside .

“The only site completely dedicated to the Gami 16 .
A very informative and complete site over a very nice and well made camera .

A new auction site from a Belgium collector .
With old and interesting cameras to be sold.