Manufacturer : Whittaker  Wm.R Whittaker Co Ltd Los Angeles. USA .
Date’s : 1946-1950
Subminiature for 16 mm in special cassettes ,cartridge to cartridge feed.
Takes 24 exposures.
Achromatic doublet 6,3 lens .
Designed to fit in a package of cigarettes , and profit from the mystique of the Kodak X Matchbox camera  .
Hundreds where sold to Police departments and detective bureaus all over the USA.

Available in chrome (polished aluminium), black, blue, green and grey.
The film advance teeth are set up for double perforated film operated by the bar at the side of the camera. Push in the end flush with the side, the bar pops out. Turn the camera upside down and push in the bar and the counter and the frame has moved on and allows a little gravity assisted latch to lock the plunger closed. The counter wheel is marked for 24 exposures.

There where 3 models ,as can be indentified on the aperture selector lever ,raised arrow,and serial numbers engraved is Early model.
Mid is serial numbers scratched lightly in the camera and bright , colour and dull red enamel  filled  .
Late Model : Depressed arrow on aperture lever..
Also models with partial colour and chrome .
Finish in matt finish, a rough look enamel and a lacquer finish .
Flash ,finder and viewer where available for these camera’s.

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