Manufacturer : Galileo Optical Milan, Italy
Date’s : 1955
Lens : Esamitar  anastigmat  f1,9/25mm  corrected and coated .
Diafragm 1,9 2,8 4,5 5,6  8  11
Shutter speed B ,1/2sec-1/1000sec .
The lens has a projective cover which hinges open and provides a hand grip to steady the camera.
It also primes the film transport mechanism which will automatically wind on the next three exposures taken before needing to prime the mechanism again.
The guillotine shutter and the spring mechanism make a loud sound when operated. The film counter automatically resets when the film door is opened and is a forward-counting type.
The automatic wind mechanism prevents double exposures.
Coupled meter ,Parallax correction, spring wind motor .
A lot of accessories can be found for this camera.
Like : developing tank,  Film cutter ,Spool winders ,Tele photo 4x and Tele photo 8x .

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