Manufacturer : Wirgin ,Gebr. Wirgin Wiesbaden Germany
Dates :1963.
Takes 24 exposures 12x17mm on single perforated 16 mm film on Rada cassette.
Lens : Ulm Donau Travegar Schacht f2,8/25 mm lens.
Shutter speed 1/30-1/150sec.
The large silvered viewfinder has frame lines for close focusing.
When viewing the frame counter the film advance is a large lever on the left with the clipped down rewind crank on the right.
The three milled wheels on the top are the film speed setting and EV aperture dial that can be coupled to a light meter, the shutter release with cable release thread and the focusing dial.
On dual scale models this marked in  black for metric and in red for imperial measurement, reading 0.4m to infinity but only from 1.5ft (MB) and only from 2 ft on earlier models.

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