A hit camera is :
A small camera made of stamped metal , Uses17,5 mmroll film for 14x14mm negatives .
It should have a simple direct vision or optical viewfinder ,The lens must be permanently fixed to the body.
The Hit camera is made in very much varieties ,and in most of the normal colours , and in gold .
The production of the Hit camera started beginning of the ‘50s  .
In the USA are I think the most collectors located ,but also they can be found world wide now.
With the Internet those little cameras came under the attention of more collectors.
And at the moment a lot of people are looking after those little simple cameras to collect.
All the cameras are simple ,but in a lot different styles to become.
After a good conversation with my good friend and Hit collector Harris N Aaronson we  have made a classification the same as in the Hit book from M Parker.
The classes are :
Arrow style
Hit style
Click style
Cmc style
Qp style
Unique style  .

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