Manufacturer : Binoca Co Japan.
Dates : 1950.
A plastic bodied binocular camera .
Lens : fixed focus f 4,5/ 40mm Bicon.
Image quality of the 10x14mm image is poor.
Shutter 1/25-1/100 sec .
The 2,5×2,5 opera glasses have individually focusing oculars and are mediocre in quality.
The special cassettes used 16 mm perforated film. The bridge of the cassette allows it to be removed from the camera in one piece. The pressure plate has a spring clip that clicks when the perforation pass under it.
The top is engraved “Listen for two clicks for each exposure”at which point the film has wound on to the next frame.
The Binoca was made in White ,Blue ,Green ,Grey and Red.
The metal parts are a rich dark gold tone.
At least two variations exists.
One has the fitment for a neck cord .
The other does not have that.

This is a complete set as you can see in the photo’s . with the original box for the camera , An original box with 3 films inside,an instruction sheet for developing & enlargement ,An address label for R&B photo service to send the film for developement ,and a retour label to send the films back to your address,an envelope to put money in for developing and enlargements and new film rolls,an information sheet of Binoca ,the original white camera +neck cord.

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