American Safety Razor Co

The fotodisc is a little tiny cast metal camera ,designed to clamp on a much bigger4 inchfotodisc magazine.
And I could shoot 8 round1 inchnegatives on the disc what was called “fast, fine grain panchromatic safety film .
And I could shoot 8 negatives from 22×24 mm on a special circular film sheet.
It has a small optical finder above thef7/ 32mm Rapodis lens wich aperture could be set on “B” ( bright)  or “C” (cloudy) .
The shutter is a simple everset type with an” instantaneous” speed  which should be in the range of 1/60 sec..

Although the Fotodisc has all the ingredients of a “production “camera ,including A.S.R. logos on both the camera and film magazine ,reasonably good finish and styling, and a nicely designed presentation box ,it apparently never had a break trough.
It was announced in July 1950 at a retail price of $ 8,95 for the camera and a buck for the film disc.

Some story’s say after a few thousand have made ,the production stopped .
But from what is seen on the internet, that could be much less .
Also the disc is in his original box .
Everything looks like it is never used .

A very hard to find camera ,even harder to find in the original green box .

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