This wristwatch camera was made 1949-51
by Steineck Kamerawerke, Tutzing,Bavaria,Germany .
Invented by Dr.Rudolph Steineck ,later he also invented the Tessina camera .
8 circular exposures with a diameter of 6mm were possible on a special 25mm circular film cassette .
Lens: Steinheil 2,5/12,5
sector shutter 1/125 sec.

The camera can be found in different color’s  straps.
Light Brown ,dark Brown , Green ,Red and two tone color Black and Brown.

They also can be found in the original presentation case that is Red or Brown with the name on it in gold colored letters.
There is also a Enlarger produced, but that is seldom found.

This disguised subminiature camera allowed people to  take photographs while pretending to check his or her watch.
At first glance it’s a stylish wristwatch.
But if you look good ,what you see is a miniature camera.
By pressing a button on the watch ,a photo was made .
The Steineck, a post-war German camera ,could be used to make secret  photo’s from  things and people  without  that they had knowledge of.

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