Camera -lite zippo style camera .

Made by Suzuki Optical Co.

Dates: 1954

The Camera-Lite Seastar  is very similar to the Echo 8 camera and the normall Camera-Lite

The only different is the Seastar Logo on the side of the camera.

I have no information found from where the logo came ,and what it means .

It has the possibility to set the shutter on I or B on the front.

It has a fixed focus 17mm f8 lens and only an instant shutter speed.

The neat reflex viewfinder was also removed and you have to hold the lighter to eye level to use the sports finder. It is more easy to spot, as a camera in use, than the clandestine way of using the Echo 8.

The camera has a smooth finish ,and the text  “camera-Lite on the bottom of the camera
The Camera-Lite was available in chrome as well as an olive-green/khaki enamel finish.

In 1953 the Suzuki Optical Company’s Echo 8 sub miniature lighter/camera was featured in ‘Roman Holiday’ (Paramount Pictures). The film increased demand which Suzuki could not keep up with. As a result they brought out the Camera Lite as a cheaper, simpler version of the Echo 8.

Seastar camera-lite  4 Seastar camera-lite  7 Seastar camera-lite  8 Seastar camera-lite  9 Seastar camera-lite 1 Seastar camera-lite 2 Seastar camera-lite 3 Seastar camera-lite 5 Seastar camera-lite 6 Seastar camera-lite 10 Seastar camera-lite 11 Seastar camera-lite 12

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