This is an unknown camera with no name on it.

The only letters on it are DRGM .
What as much means as :
The acronym D.R.G.M. with or without punctuation stands for Deutsches Reichsgebrauchsmuster, meaning that the design or function of an item was officially registered inside all of the Germany states and not only locally registered as it was the case before the introduction of centralized registration.

The camera looks like the camera’s mentioned above  ,but does have some other features .
The shutter has the German letters for Z and M , for Zeit (time) and M for Moment (open close )
The finder looks like the one on the other brands, that is just the part on the front , a wire finder , but the finder on the back has a hinge , so you can turn it 180 degrees tot he side so you can look throug both of them .
Also to close the camera you can turn a screw on the locking part on the side one turn left and the door will open ..

All by all a very rare and intriguing camera that i have never seen , and never read about .
If someone knows more of this camera , please let me know.

DRGM Aiglon  1261  4 DRGM Aiglon  1261 1 DRGM Aiglon  1261 2 DRGM Aiglon  1261 3 DRGM Aiglon  1261 5 DRGM Aiglon  1261 6 DRGM Aiglon  1261 7 DRGM Aiglon  1261 8

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