Brinkert FB Rounded camera .
Black plate with a shutter and a Enna Color Ennit 1:2,8/20 mm lens
Made on it .
Franz Brinkert bought the remaining stock of lenses and shutters for the Goldeck 16 .
And started to make his own cameras in different models, Round or Rectangular .
Black or Chrome ,some in  serie,s , others are unique models , some as broches or other decorations, or ornate buttons.
Nowedays  hard to find , and no “new ones will come on the market , the lenses ar all used up.

brinkert-fb-part-round-1406-10 brinkert-fb-part-round-1406-9 brinkert-fb-part-round-1406-8 brinkert-fb-part-round-1406-7 brinkert-fb-part-round-1406-5 brinkert-fb-part-round-1406-6 brinkert-fb-part-round-1406-4 brinkert-fb-part-round-1406-3 brinkert-fb-part-round-1406-2 brinkert-fb-part-round-1406-1

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