Here a camera i bought some time ago,from a man i met on a fair in Holland
He had taken something with him that he had prommised me a few years ago.
Here it is , he told me this was a prototype of one of the cameras Mr Brinkert made.
As i looked better and tried the camera , i knew it was a prototype .
The ax to cock the shutter was not on a good and efficient place, and the film cover would not come of easy ,nothing to pull on ,and felt of when you lay the camera down.
Very happy with this new member of my Brinkert collection.

brinkert-proto-type-1406-10 brinkert-proto-type-1406-9 brinkert-proto-type-1406-8 brinkert-proto-type-1406-7 brinkert-proto-type-1406-6 brinkert-proto-type-1406-5 brinkert-proto-type-1406-4 brinkert-proto-type-1406-3 brinkert-proto-type-1406-2 brinkert-proto-type-1406-1


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