Manufacturer :Nihon Precision Industry Japan.
Dates: 1950
Subminiature for 10x14mm on 16 mm film in special cassettes.
Lens: Fixed focus Jewel anastigmat 1:3,5 f= 25mm.
Internal shutter B 1/25 1/50 1/100 sec.
On the left side on the back is a film counter, that can changed by the knob on top left .
Shutter to be set with the big knob on the right side on top.
Turn counter clockwise, then turn back . now you can make a photo.
Probably this is a prototype camera because this is a SII type?
Film loading is on the bottom side.
Lens is uncommon, normally there is a Gemmy 4,5  25mm lens on the camera.
And the number on front is much higher than normal numbering. Number of the camera is 041051
All by all a very nice camera but hard to find.

Zany 1515 1 Zany 1515 2 Zany 1515 3 Zany 1515 4 Zany 1515 5 Zany 1515 6 Zany 1515 7 Zany 1515 8

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