Manufacturer: Tougo-Do Optical
Togodo optical
Togodo sangyo ltd.
Dates: +/- 1939
Side by side twin lens reflex for 16 3x4cm exposures per roll on 35 unperforated film.
Lens: Meikai Anastigmat 1: 4,5   f=50mm.
The lens has a helical unit focusing down to 2 Feet.
Viewing len: Tougo Masumi Lens.
Shutter: Patent MT Shutter T, B 1/25-1/150sec.
On the top plate left is a bubble level.
At the right side there is a frame counter (counts to sixteen in two counters).
This counter is integrated in the Aluminum topcover plate that has been placed on the topcover of the camera.
Image size 3cm x 4cm on special rollfilm.
The Meikai viewfinder and side-by-side TLR models were released a few years later; they allowed to take both C-size sheet film and a special type of paper backed rollfilm .
At the back there is a red window with a slide cover.
On the cover is a serial? Number, this camera 3245.

Meikai No 1 with level 1 Meikai No 1 with level 2 Meikai No 1 with level 3 Meikai No 1 with level 4 Meikai No 1 with level 5 Meikai No 1 with level 6 Meikai No 1 with level 7 Meikai No 1 with level 8

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