Manufacturer : Tougo-Do Optical

Togodo optical

Togodo sangyo ltd.
Dates : +/-
Side by side twin lens reflex for 3x4cm on sheet film.
No Need darkroom film-packed system.
Image size 28×40 mm
Lens : Masumi Anastigmat fixed focus lens 1: 4.5- f=50mm.
Shutter : Patent TM shutter marked T,B-1/25-sec -1/150
Image size 28mmx40mm on daylight loading and developingprint –stock in light-proof sheats.
The viewing lens and shutter plate are similar to those of the Meisupi III let alone the camera name .
The distance scale is engraved in Feet.
The back of the Meisupi IV is differetn than the Meisupi II and III.
It has no red window.
And there is a big chrome-plated rectangular plate to wich is screwed the depth of field table.

Meisupii IV 1383 1 Meisupii IV 1383 2 Meisupii IV 1383 4 Meisupii IV 1383 7 Meisupii IV 1383 8 Meisupii IV 1383 6 Meisupii IV 1383 3 Meisupii IV 1383 12 Meisupii IV 1383 5 Meisupii IV 1383 9 Meisupii IV 1383 11 Meisupii IV 1383 1o

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