Manufacturer: Tougo-Do Optical
Togodo optical
Togodo sangyo ltd.
Dates: +/- 1940
Side by side twin lens reflex for 16 3x4cm exposures per roll on 35 unperforated film.
Lens: M. K. Anastigmat 1: 3,8   f=50mm.No 1317
The lens has a helical unit focusing down to 2 Feet.
Viewing lens: Tougo Masumi lens
Shutter: Patent MT Shutter T, B 1/25-1/200sec.
On the top plate left is a rewind knob.
At the right side there is a frame counter (counts to sixteen in two counters).
This counter is integrated in the Aluminum raised superstructure on the topcover of the camera.
At the back there is no red window.
At the left of the camera, is a lid to open the back door and on that lid is a number ,this camera 4807.

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